In this blog we discuss the finest new Riding Gear Offerings, worth checking out this Fall. Our selections range from the finest Indian brands (Studds, Steelbird, Vega etc.) to selected International Offerings (LS2, Pro-Biker, AXO etc.).
  1. We begin with the all new LS2 FF-358. This product offers inflatable cheek padding to re-size and tailor-fit the Helmet perfectly to each user. This product also carries a dual ECE:22-05ISI certification (European Safety Certification) and the Indian ISI Certification. Pictures & More ...
  2. Next, we recommend checking out the new STUDDS NINJA 3G with Dual Visor and the all new Ninja 2G Graphic. Both products offer the excellent Studds Interiors, SR Visors, HQ ABS shells with single-button flip-up mechanisms and are recommended for city cruse-riding as well as the highway. Pictures & More...
  3. For those looking for more economical, stylish Helmets, we recommend checking out the new STUDDS CHROME Super- Graphic. This product teams international quality graphic styling with the Studds Shell, Visor & Interior quality and is priced well under Rs 1,000.
  4. Also worth considering this fall, are a nice pair of Riding Gloves & Knee Protectors. We've got the right products lined out for you- Checkout the Imported Riding Gloves by Pro-Biker with advanced joint protection and grip-enhancing lower lining. For HQ Knee and elbow protection, consider a pair of AXO Riding Gear set. Both these products are regularly available for online purchase via our E-Bay listings.
  5. Coming this Fall: Keep checking for the all new Flip-Off styling by STUDDS...

09/20/2011 8:16am

where can i buy the ninja 2g graphic in surat?

09/20/2011 8:17am

how much does the studds chrome super-graphic cost? can we buy this online? is there a discount if we buy 3?

10/01/2011 7:46am

Thanks for informing about this. This is the best blog to get info on helmets :-) Keep updating!

10/01/2011 3:22pm

Not sure about your local dealerships but we'll be happy to assist with an online purchase. Please call us at 011-22456076 to discuss.

10/01/2011 3:24pm

The Studds Chrome Super Graphic Helmet is priced at Rs 895/- Please visit ( for additional details.

We can ship this product against a direct bank transfer. Please call us at 011-22456076 to discuss discounts, shipment costs, and transfer mechanism.

10/01/2011 3:27pm

@ Pavan
Thanks Pavan. We always need this kind of support. Your website looks pretty impressive too.

11/18/2011 10:56am

We would like to purchase studds chrome helmets for gifting at a company event. How can we make the bulk purchase online and would u offer any discounts?

11/20/2011 10:07am

@ Vimal
The Studds Chrome is available in Discounted 6-Pc Masterpacks at our store in Delhi.

Please call us at 011-22456076 to discuss online purchase & shipping options.


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